• Hd Workstation Cart
Hd Workstation Cart

Hd Workstation Cart


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 Mobile Workstation Cart , Medical computer cart 

Spring operated height adjustments by gentle push and lock 

Height adjustment range for LCD and worksurface: 400mm

Worksurface height: 890mm-1290mm, Lifting load ≦ 15kg

 ABS worksurface dimensions: 533mm(L) x 455mm(W)

 Keyboard tray dimensions: 440mm(L) x 256mm(W)

 Mouse tray dimension: 208mm(L) x 200mm(W)

LCD column dimensions: 386mm(L) x 80mm(W) x 64.5mm(H)

Height adjustable with the help of internal lift construction.  Proposal load ≦10kg

LCD hanger:height adjustment for LCD pivot is 13cm;  20¡ã tilting for LCD for ergonomic comfort

Base: PA6 + ABS cover

Silent medical casters

Printer shelf option