About Ergonomics Products and Tips for Hong kong

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Protecting your health by creating a comfortable environment through an ergonomic computer workstation. Computer related injuries are increasing in entire world of computer technology in the workplace. Long and repetitive work at your computer workstation can create discomfort, muscle aches, and be the cause of work related injuries. Improper posture and improper body positioning at your computer workstation can cause or exaggerate the problems. These problems very common in Hongkong offices where people use lot of smart phone, tablets and laptops

  • Few tips as below can help 

A – The height of your work surface should allow you to work without reaching or bending.

Arrange commonly used items such as office documents staplers and phones so that they are within easy reach.

B – Forearms should be parallel to the floor and at an approximate 90 degree angle from your upper arms.

Cornell university have some steps too for this

  1. Use a good chair with a dynamic chair back that is angled slightly to the rear.
  2. Top of monitor screen should be 2-3" above eye level
  3. No glare on screen; use an optical glass anti-glare filter where needed
  4. Sit at arms length from monitor; further if distance is comfortable and screen's readable.
  5. Rest feet on floor or on a stable foot rest (move feet frequently for circulation)
  6. Use a document holder, preferably in-line with the computer screen
  7. Wrists flat and straight in relation to forearms to use keyboard/mouse/input device
  8. Keeps arms and elbows relaxed close to body
  9. Center monitor and keyboard in front of you

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