Ergonomic Work Stool

The “riding-style” body position on a Salli Saddle Chair can improve your health and physical performance. Conventional sitting and standing postures are known to cause low back pain, shoulder tension, circulatory problems and joint disorders in the knees and hips. The Salli Saddle Chair helps relieve and prevent these problems.

Salli enables you to lean forward and turn, without stretching your back or neck into an unsafe position. Salli provides closer access and an improved view of your work. A more natural arm position can improve hand acuity and strength.

Health Benefits of the Salli Saddle Chair

  • Posture improves
  • Shoulders relax
  • Lower back strengthens and tones
  • Knee and hip stress decreases
  • Leg and foot circulation improves
  • Deeper inhalation increases oxygen supply and energy levels
  • Optional gap in the seat is designed to relieve pressures, reduce heat buildup, and ventilate moisture away from sensitive genital tissues.
  • This reduces discomfort from prostate and anal problems, and helps prevent of genitourinary disorders
  • Relieves many painful conditions in the neck, back, shoulders, hips and legs.