Standing and bending down strains the teacher’s back a lot. When using a Salli Saddle Chair, working with an individual child is easy: you no longer need to bend down. It is easy to roll the chair to the child’s side and look downwards while maintaining good, comfortable posture. You sit higher on a saddle chair than on a traditional chair, which works well in front of a class or group as the position resembles standing.

Salli chair provides active, upright and balanced sitting that keeps you alert and creative. The height of the chair, together with the position of the feet straight under the hips, makes a vertical line (shoulder-hip-ankle) throughout the body when seen from the side. In that position, we are at our strongest both physically and mentally.

The two-part seat enables the upright position of the pelvis and keeps the upper body in its natural position without straining the muscles. There is no harmful pressure or excessive warmth on the genital area. You are in good position and have good circulation all day!

In daycare Salli enables you to get easily on the same level with the children. Try mini gas spring – it enables you to sit extremely low and its use does not depend on the height of the user.

ErgoElbo support is recommended to be used with tables that do not have a recess in them. It gives support to the upper body.