Sit healthy with a neutral posture.

Best for your back and hips - real ergonomics - no lumbar support required!

How to make work more effective 


There is a great way to make us more productive: the new ergonomics.

That means applying one’s way to work around a two-part swinging saddle chair.

This includes standing in 15-20 minute periods, when you feel like it. Work is enhanced by three high-quality monitors and of course an e-table equipped with memory locations. Making use of the swinging chair gives movement that is vital to one’s energy level and circulation (unconscious Sit & Swing), which “feeds” the lower back tissues, speeds intestinal functions and activates the abdominal muscles.

The body can also be activated by reaching for things (“Roll & Reach”), as well as “Walking & Talking” during phone calls and negotiations.

The smart ones also have kettlebells, dumbbells, Gym Sticks, or Flexi Bars close to where they are working. They can be used for a few mini exercises during the day, to boost the brain to produce the brain nerve growth factor, and to activate neurons.

This level of smart and modern health philosophy also includes sitting-friendly, loose and airy clothes that don’t press anywhere. The optimum is a sleeveless, but warm sweater, a loose short dress for women with no tights, and loose indoors overall without underwear for men. All waistbands and belts compress the abdomen and pelvis enough to disturb the extremely sensitive blood and lymphatic circulation and intestinal functions.

For women who have small breasts being without bra brings tremendous added comfort and reduces the risk of breast cancer by tens of per cents.

The finishing touch is a ketogenic (intensifies fat metabolism), low-carb, and fiber-rich diet with high-quality MCT-fats, functional vegetables, good proteins, as well as berries, seeds and nuts keep to the blood sugar levels stable and thus maximize working capacity and wellbeing.

All this is the way of working of modern, aware and health-oriented people’s.