Negatives of Excess Sitting While Working on Computer

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Sitting Too Much? We’ve Got Some Bad News for You.

Sitting is the New Smoking And Here’s What You Should Know

We know that sitting is the new smoking and creates a series of postural imbalances. As human beings, we are not designed to sit for long periods of time. From impaired bowel function, heart disease, obesity, and Type 2 Diabetes, a sedentary lifestyle via sitting poses a host of health consequences.

Even worse - when using the wrong ergonomics and sitting in front of a computer. If that sounds like you, keep reading.

The Downsides of Sitting Too Much

You are wondering how sitting is bad for you? You’d be surprised to learn the cascade of health issues it creates when you ignore it too long. Here are the downsides of sitting too much for those who work in offices or use computers a lot.

It Shortens Your Life

It’s not rocket science that sitting can reduce your lifespan. There have been numerous studies done on this, and it was found that groups who sat had an increased risk for early death versus those who stood and moved around often, despite the fact they both had the same diets.

Restricts Blood Flow

Sitting in one position leads to poor blood circulation. We’re designed to lie down and stand upright, not sit with a curved spine. If you’re sitting for seven or more hours during the day, you’re at risk of developing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). This just means that clots form in your legs which leads to swelling and pain.

Increases Anxiety

Sitting for long hours also means you spend more time in front of the screen. Too much screen time disrupts hormones, causes mood disorders and anxiety. It affects your circadian rhythm, thus impacting normal sleep cycles.

Causes Weight Gain

You’re more likely to be lazy when sitting too long. This is because posture affects mood and overall energy levels in the body. All that sitting turns people into couch potatoes and less likely for them to keep moving and exercising.

Hitting the gym for an hour a day won’t help if you sit out the remaining 12 hours!

How to Fix This Problem?

There are two ways to go about this. You can opt for an ergonomic standing desk and use it in the office. Use an anti-fatigue mat to pair along with the desk for a comfortable standing experience.

Or, you can choose to use ergonomic chairs and desks for your office setup. Both work well, but with a standing desk, you stay more active without even trying. You can get a height adjustable standing desk, too, and within minutes, you’ll notice what wonders it does for your productivity.


Proper posture is key to staying focused and productive all day long. However, not at the cost of one’s health. It’s true that workspace ergonomics will help you, but you still have to move around every day. If you’re guilty of sitting down for long hours during the day, it’s time to get moving. Schedule frequent breaks for short bursts of physical activity, and you’ll do well.