Ergonomic Adjustable Keyboard Trays and Adjustable Keyboard Trays and Drawers

Adjustable Keyboard trays make your workspace more functional, Easy and Ergonomic and Pain Free!!

Easily adjust your keyboard and mouse to your correct ergonomic position and work in comfort with our Adjustable keyboard Trays.Adjustable tilting keyboard shelf allows forward & backward up to 15º tilt. Smooth glide allows easy movement and to store under desk. Accommodates most Ergonomic styled keyboard. This  adjustable keyboard makes using your computer very convenient, whether you're writing a business report or surfing the web. Allow your wrists to rest on the gel wrist rest to minimize pressure points when you adjust the height and tilt of this ergonomic keyboard tray. A locking lever ensures the height will not change even if your keyboard gets bumped. With this product, you'll be at ease and finally work in comfort. Call or text us at 98226451 for details

Keyboard trays offer a variety of health benefits to users who want to improve posture and prevent medical problems including carpal tunnel and a variety of musculoskeletal problems.  Choosing the right keyboard platform is essential to creating the ideal ergonomic computer workstation.Avoid flimsy, cheap keyboard trays and drawers  from furniture shops . Many of these products represent the absolute lowest common denominator in support solutions and they invariably turn out to be substandard. Keyboard "drawers" or pull out trays provide little, if any, height adjustability. Odds are very high that any given single height position tray is going to be an inappropriate height. Most keyboard drawers or pull-out trays don't provide any tilt capability, which is another important feature required to reduce awkward hand postures during keying tasks. The ergonomic keyboard trays please most ergonomists and workplace safety professionals.


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