Dental care

In dental care the sitting position is the greatest health risk, because during long operations the position is unnatural and involves a lot of repetitive movements. Sitting in a bad position puts twice as much strain on the spine as standing. The solution is the two-part saddle chair, the seat of which follows your movements freely into all directions, without a separate adjustment handle.

Challenges in dental work

Dentists often retire early because of various problems in their shoulders, neck and lower back. Almost everybody working in dentistry is affected by poor circulation in the lower extremities, shortage of oxygen, problems in hip, knee and shoulder joints, or genital health problems. Sitting in a bad positions doubles the strain on the back when compared to standing.

Unique features of Salli Saddle Chair

On a two-part saddle chair the back is in the same position as when standing, and there’s a curve in the lower back. That is not the case on one-part saddle chairs because there is a lot of pressure on the genital area and that makes you round your back. That position is a tremendous health risk for the disks and vertebrae in the lower back.

Easier to treat the patient

When sitting on Salli it is easy to get close to the patient, and also the dentist and the nurse get close to each other, because the handy, small base of Salli is not in the way. The visibility into the patient’s mouth stays good.






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