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All these mount, arms and stands prevent theft or damage to iPad and tablets. The iPad and tablet mounts, arms and stand are perfect fit for digital signage application in hospitality, education or corporate. Mobile iPad stand offers adjustable tilt for the perfect viewing angle and can be rotates 360º. And the iPad / tablet holder frame is designed to allow full access to the dock port, rotation lock or power button, only attaching to each corner of the iPad or tablets with a compatible VESA mounting pattern.We have iPad and Tablet Holders for all uses in your daily life, from in the vehicle or home, to public areas such as: retail stores, restaurants, health clubs, reception areas, doctor's office, conference rooms, schools, trade show displays. Ipad floor mounts and tablet floor stand can be useful in exhibition, easy to carry and portable ipad stand can be mounted easily.Ipad wall mounting is good for restaurants and for information display in companies..Ipad on the wall can be fixed with articulating to fixed ipad arms. Our ipad holder can fix or stick ipad to wall using ipad mount .our versatilely and adjustable Ipad wall flush mount are also very popular now for adjustable height and tilt.Tablet wall mount have features we have developed a variety of quality iPad and Tablet holdersmounts, and stands for use in almost any application .Wall tablet mount are useful for fixing samsung tablets mounts or Samsung tablets floor stand. Our ipad arms and tablet  desk mounts position a display where it's needed most while using little or no desktop space in office one on tables .or have a combo stand with monitor. Ipad mini stand arms  flexible arm that attaches to any ledge in your office, kitchen, bedroom or anywhere you use your iPad, allowing you to enjoy your iPad .Tab mount floor or tab mount wall have many designs and options ipad floor trolleys and carts can be used as portable ipad stand or ipad carts on wheels and tablet floor trollies for airports and hospitals .Tablet holder for bed are universal, Tablet Stand for the Bed, Sofa, or Any Uneven Surface -and finally stand holder mount bracket with a flexible gooseneck arm to hold your iPad or tablet PC where you want it , gooseneck tablet holder , fit it anywhere , on glass with double sided tapes or on wall with screws.Universal tablet holder are pretty cheap and portable to carry in bags also and use both at office and home.Tablets and  iPad stand benefit your business and schools ? There are various ways  possibilities, and they can be used across a wide variety of environments  including hospitals, retail stores & exhibitions shows.  We have a variety of tablet and  ipad  enclosures   is specifically designed for either residential/home use, or commercial/public use. There are a wide variety of iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air and Samsung Galaxy  casing in metal and acrylic . Options include floor stand or and desktop stands or  wall mount stands for tablets and iPads . Locking iPad and tablets stands is  ideal in public places . Non-locking home models are also available as well


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