Customers In Hongkong

Our customers come from nearly every industry, and every nation, and they range from Fortune 500 to SMB. Regardless of this diversity, our focus is always the same:  to make them as successful as possible.

These are partial list of some our customers in Hongkong 

Hongkong Jockey Club
Hong Kong Baptist University
Renaissance College 

Hospital Authority

FW Media Ltd

Agility Hongkong
Air Liquid
Temple Chambers

Amber Capita l

Chinese University of Hongkong

ERM HongkongEquiLend Asia

ESF Island School

Hong Kong Tourism Board

Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation

PCCW,  Hongkong Airport, Hospital Authority,Hongkong Police Department,Olumpus Corporation of Asia Ltd ,  The Open University of Hong Kong, Catlin Hong Kong Limited, INNOVASIA, INC,CiscoDiyixian DCC Service Limited, Bank J.Safra Sarasin Ltd, Hong Kong Branch, DST Global Solutions, Marriott International, Kokomo Capital Ltd, Kowloon Hospital, ARINC Aviation & Ground System Solutions, YPICA Lee Lim Ming College


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